About Us

The National Burial Council is the umbrella organisation that incorporates the majority of providers of burial and funeral services to the Muslim community across the UK. 

Our executive committee is made up of a team of Regional Leads, who work with the vast majority of funeral providers, burial sites and mosques in their respected area. The executive committee work alongside a Shura panel of scholars for Islamic guidance and has recently been joined by advisors specifically for the Covid-19 pandemic response. 


Executive Committee

Regional Leads

Mohamed Omer

National Burial Council Chair, South of England Lead, Gardens of Peace

Mohamed Mangera

North of England Lead, Bolton Council of Mosques

Zulfi Karim

Yorkshire Lead,
Bradford Council of Mosques

Suleman Nagdi

East Midlands Lead, Leicester MBCOL

Ghulam Teladia

West Midlands Lead, Birmingham Muslim Burial Council

Shahid Akram

South West of England Lead

Rizy Mohammed

Scotland Lead


Advisory Panel

Mufti Zubair

Shura Panel

Mowlana Yunus Dudhwala

Shura Panel

Mowlana Yaseen Shaikh

Shura Panel

Mowlana Zubair Baiyat

Shura Panel

Sheikh Abu Eesa Niamatullah

Shura Panel

Professor Alimuddin Zumla

Covid-19 Advisor

Dr Shuja Shafi

Covid-19 Advisor

Dr Shahzad Ahmad

Covid-19 Advisor


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