In the event of rule non-compliance at a janazah (funeral) or taziyat (wake) - who holds ultimate responsibility; the funeral director or the venue manager?

In the event of rule/guideline non compliance, the venue manager is ultimately responsible and liable for any penalties for infringement.

Does the rule for a maximum of 30 people for funerals apply if the janazah takes place immediately after a fard prayer at the masjid?

No. If the janazah salat takes place immediately after the fard jamaat at the masjid, there is no set maximum capacity, but it will be determined by the individual masjid capacity within Covid-19 guidelines and safety. Local/tier rules also apply where appropriate.

If the janazah is taking place separate to a fard jamaat, what is the maximum capacity?

The government guidelines state that the maximum number of people attending a funeral (janazah) is 30, and the wake (taziyat) is 15 (16/10/2020)


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